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Counseling Services

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Counseling Services
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Counseling Services

Welcome to the CSM Counseling Services homepage! CSM Counseling Services (CSMCS) offers comprehensive mental health counseling committed to providing students with a full range of services and resources.

Your time at college can be a positive and rewarding experience. However, it can also be a time of stress and challenge. To make the most of your college experience, CSM Counseling Services is available to help you deal with your stresses and challenges. Counseling is free of charge and confidential to all currently enrolled CSM students. To make an appointment, contact the Counseling Office, located on the LaPlata campus in the LR Building, Room  LR 221. Appointments can also be made at our two other campus locations at Prince Frederick and Leonardtown as well as the Waldorf Center.

There are a variety of issues with which college students struggle. These include anxiety, adjustment to college, eating disorders, interpersonal relationships, depression, self-esteem, sexual identity issues, sexual assault, substance abuse, suicide, stress management, and test anxiety. Exploring new approaches to your concerns may include problem solving techniques, health decisions, and cognitive-behavioral strategies for coping and managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. CSMCS is committed to diversity and values the variety of human differences.

 Counseling at CSM is short-term with a wellness approach to ensure mental health and well being as well as confidence in academic achievement. Services include: Crisis intervention, individual personal counseling, support groups, couples counseling, faculty and staff consultation, referrals to other resources in the college or in the community,  and providing  education and information.  These services are designed to help you become more knowledgeable about the issues with which you may be dealing.

Your First Appointment with CSMCS

Your first appointment will be your “intake” appointment. During this scheduled “intake,” the counselor discusses with you the assistance you need. If you and the counselor find that you would benefit from services elsewhere, on campus or in the community, the counselor will assist you in locating these resources. You decide, along with the counselor, on the best course of action for what you need and the appropriate options for you. Depending on your needs, you may choose to participate in individual or group counseling sessions here at the college. If individual counseling works best for you, then you will meet on a mutually agreed-upon short-term basis not to exceed eight counseling sessions.


If you feel you are in immediate danger to yourself and/or others, call 911. For mental health assistance in a crisis, call: Walden 24/7 Hotline at 301-863-6661. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

Statement of Confidentiality

CSM Counseling Services has a strong commitment to keeping the information you share confidential. Beyond our own commitment to confidentiality, Maryland law requires it. At all times your privacy and care will be treated with the highest regard.

Statement of Values

CSM Counseling Services upholds the values of integrity, diversity, confidentiality, and unconditional positive regard. No services will be denied based upon race, gender, age, religion, ethnic background, marital status, sexual orientation, political persuasion, or disability.