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Schedule of Classes

Winter 2014-15 schedule

Community Education
Winter 2014-15 Schedule (.pdf)

Winter 2014-15 Schedule

Workforce Development
Winter 2014-15 Schedule (.pdf)

Please be advised that the Interactive PDF versions of the continuing education schedules are for reference only and do not reflect course availability or cancellations. For the most up-to-date information about course availability, please use Online Services.

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Did you know our Lead Coordinator at the La Plata campus was a Kid' and Teen College student, became a counselor, then an assistant coordinator, a teacher of our courses and then a coordinator.  That is dedication to our program.  Thank you to Sarah Massie for all your hard work.

Workforce Development

Commercial Truck Driver Training - Classes A and B

Trucks are on the road 24 hours a day, every day of the year, carrying everything our nation needs. Everything you eat, wear, or use has been transported by a truck driver.

The truck driver is the all-important link that keeps our country's economy on the move. Good drivers are always in demand. Companies are looking for drivers with positive attitudes, knowledge of safety, a history of dependability, and a clean driving record. The prospects for a worthwhile and exciting career in professional truck driving have never been better.

The program at College of Southern Maryland is designed to provide skilled entry-level drivers for the transportation companies locally and nationwide.

Professional Truck Driver Institute Certified Course PTDI Driven By Excellence, Measured By Quality.

“Class “A” Program is PTDI Certified”

For more information about the program, please view the Course Outline.

For an information packet please call 301-934-7870 or

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Commercial Truck Driver:
Class A

Course Name
TRA-7100  CDL Preparation Classroom  40 
TRA-7200  CDL Safe Vehicle Operation  80 
TRA-7300  CDL Basic Vehicle Skills  80 
TRA-7400 CDL Advanced Skills and Road Development 80

Commercial Driver's License (CDL): Class B Passenger/
School Bus/Truck Driver

Course Name Class
TRA-7510 CDL - Class B With Passenger/ School Bus Part I 80
TRA-7520 CDL - Class B With Passenger/ School Bus Part II 80


Advanced CDL Classes

Course Name
TRA-7530     CDL Passenger /
School Bus Endorsement Upgrade




For more information contact:

Mary Beth Mc Collum, CPP
Director, Transportation 

Lisa Daugherty
Program Assistant

For a complete listing of courses that CSM offers, please refer to the Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.