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Spring 2015 Schedules (March - May 2015)

Community Education
Spring 2015 Schedule (.pdf)

Spring 2015 schedule

Workforce Development
Spring 2015 Schedule (.pdf)

Summer 2015 Schedules (June - August 2015)

Community Education
Summer 2015 Schedule (.pdf)

Workforce Development
Summer 2015 Schedule (.pdf)

Please be advised that the Interactive PDF versions of the continuing education schedules are for reference only and do not reflect course availability or cancellations. For the most up-to-date information about course availability, please use Online Services.

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Did you know our Lead Coordinator at the La Plata campus was a Kid' and Teen College student, became a counselor, then an assistant coordinator, a teacher of our courses and then a coordinator.  That is dedication to our program.  Thank you to Sarah Massie for all your hard work.

Workforce Development


Advances in technology, longer life expectancies, and changes in the healthcare system have created an increasing need for healthcare training. The college offers a number of continuing education courses for health professionals and classes for those seeking to enter a new healthcare career.

The following courses with clinical/practicum sections are required to complete the background check, drug test and medical documentation information at the following link,

How to log into your online class instructions
  • Certified Background Instruction
  • Certified Medicine Aide
  • Certified Nursing Assistant/ Geriatric Nursing Assistant
  • Oral Radiography
  • Nurse Refresher
  • Phlebotomy, ECG
  • Pharmacy Technician Program

Students taking a clinical course should begin 
the background and health screening process as soon as possible 
after registering for their course. Please see the instructions and 
Certified Background links provide above.

Please call Alise Jorgensen, Healthcare Course Manager,
at 301-934-7581 or email her at
for further information.


Certified Medical Administrative Assistant
Course Number Course Name
HTH-5000 Introduction to Healthcare 48
HTH-9660 Medical Administrative Office Procedures 30
HTH-8900 Basic Medical Records Management 45
HTH-8920 Introduction to Medical Coding 15
HTH-9620 Beginning Medical Billing 30
HTH-9670 Medical Claims Processing 30
Certified Nursing Assistant/
Geriatric Nursing Assistant (CNA/GNA)

Course Name Class
HTH-6270 Nursing Assistant Fundamentals 90


Nursing Assistant Practice 76
Dental Assistant
Course Name Class
HTH-8300 Dental Assistant Training 88
HTH-8310  Dental Assisting Internship   40

Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) Technician
Course Name Class
HTH-5000 Introduction to Healthcare 48
HTH-5120 ECG Technician Training 15
HTH-5130 ECG Analysis 15
HTH-5770 ECG Technician Practicum 45
HTH-6650 American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers 8
Pharmacy Technician
Course Name Class
HTH-5000 Introduction to Healthcare 48
Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Preparation 60
Pharmacy Technician Clinical Practice 16
Phlebotomy Technician
Course Name
HTH-5000 Introduction to Healthcare 48
Phlebotomy Technician 60
HTH-7250 Phlebotomy Technician Practicum 90


Course Number Course Name Class Hours
HTH-5480 Certified Medicine Aide 66
HTH-5580 Medicine Aide Update Course 8
HTH-6650  AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider 
NUR-5030  Nurse Refresher Course   9
HTH-7380  Oral Radiography  41
EMS-5120  ECG Skills for Pre-Hospital Providers 15 
EMS-5130  ECG Analysis for Pre-Hospital Providers  15 
NUR-5040  Nurse Refresher Lab Skills   10
NUR-5050  Nurse Refresher Clinical Practicum   68
HTH-5500 Advanced Cardiac Life Support 16
HTH-6510 AHA Heartsaver First Aid Course 8
HTH-6610 AHA HCP Skills Demonstration 2
HTH-5250 Medical Terminology 15
 Patient Care Technician
Course Number  Course Name   Class Hours 
HTH-6270  Nursing Assistant Fundamentals  90 


Nursing Assistant Practice  76 
HTH-5120  ECG Technician Training  15 
HTH-5130  ECG Analysis  15 
HTH-5770  ECG Technician Practicum  45 
HTH-7210  Phlebotomy Technician  60 
HTH-7250  Phlebotomy Technician Practicum  90 


For more information contact:
Kelly Winters, MSN, RN, CPP
Director Healthcare
Alise Jorgensen
Course Manager
Program Assistant

For a complete listing of courses that CSM offers, please refer to the Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.