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Student Success Center

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College of Southern Maryland
Student Success Center

La Plata Campus
LR Building, Room 120

For information regarding academic issues contact:

For information regarding testing contact:

Salman Zafarullah, Testing Center Manager
La Plata Testing Center: 301-934-7657

Leonardtown Campus
B Building, Room 111

For information regarding academic issues contact:
Beverly Dearstine-Russell

For information regarding testing contact:

Jacqueline Dyson, Testing Center Manager
Leonardtown Testing Center: 240-725-5340

Prince Frederick Campus
PFA Building, Room 125

For information regarding academic issues contact:
Laura M. Robins

For information regarding testing contact:

Linda Giles, Testing Center Manager
Prince Frederick Testing Center: 443-550-6040

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Placement Test Preparation

Accuplacer Remediation/Study Tools

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) encourages the use of placement test preparation materials for the placement tests. Completion of the following also satisfy the remediation requirement for free retesting. Please remember to bring in the completed, printed test or worksheet or have available the completed app if you would like to retest for free.


About the Test


    Phone App














                  Plato - Placement Test Prep

                  PLATO is an interactive, web-based learning system designed to help students strengthen their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.  This software is available to CSM students who want a more comprehensive placement test review free of charge. Remediation using PLATO is required in order to attempt any placement test a third time (second re-test).  Follow the instructions below to request access to PLATO. 


                  CSM Students Who Need PLATO Access:

                  Send a request with your full (first, middle, and last) name, birth date, CSM student ID number, and the words "PLATO Placement Test Prep" to the Student Success Center at This software is available to all CSM students free of charge to prepare for the placement test. You will receive a response to your request with instructions once your access has been granted. To review the instructions, select the link: PLATO Learning Environment (PLE) New Learner Experience.

                  You may also print out instructions by clicking here.

                  CSM Students Already Granted PLATO Access: Go to Enter cosm as Account Login, the provided Plato Name and Password and click Login.



                    McCann is a web-based, tutorial tool, which assesses student skill levels using diagnostic tests and delivers individualized Learning Pathways to enhance the learning process.

                    No new McCann accounts are available.  

                    Students Already Granted McCann Access:

                    Follow this link to reach your study materials. Enter your firstinitialmiddleinitiallastname as the username and password as the password and select Login. If you are unable to login, contact the Student Success Center at (301) 934-7657 or by email at Review the instructions, select the link McCann Placement Test Prep Instructions

                    Proof of completed McCann tutorials from those who previously received access will still be accepted for retesting.


                    STU-7050 Placement Test Review Course

                    STU-7050 is an interactive, self-paced, computer delivered instructional program designed to help individuals strengthen their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics prior to taking or re-taking college placement tests.  This course is offered through the Community Education program and is intended for non-CSM students.  There is a course fee.  Click here and select "Student Success" for course availability and registration.


                    Biology Placement Exam



                      California Chemistry



                          CNA Work Keys Assessment

                          Departmental Examinations