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Lydia Williams
Director of Student Services
Building A, Student Services Suite

Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez
Coordinator of Student Development
Building A, Student Services Suite

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Prince Frederick Campus Student Association

The Prince Frederick Student Association (SA) serves as the voice of the Prince Frederick campus student body and is the governing student body responsible for representing student interests and addressing student needs with campus, college, and local community leadership.  The Student Association (SA) members also play a vital role in the planning, execution, and evaluation of campus student events & activities.  The Prince Frederick SA members are elected student leaders, elected to a one-year term.  Voting members of the Prince Frederick SA include the SA President, SA Vice-President, SA Treasurer, SA Secretary, 2 SA campus Representatives, and our campus club/organization Presidents.

We are a team that work efficiently to create an enviornment that is academically sound yet fun for the students at CSM, Prince Frederick Campus. The promises we make are important in every aspect of the student body, and all positions gain support from one another to move in the right direction at this school. It is our duty and goal to make the college experience profitable and enjoyable. We work to meet the expectations given by our peers and each officer.

Student Association Officers for 2013-2014

President, Keanuu Smith-Brown,
Vice President, Unique Chase,
Treasurer, Matt Braghieri
Secretary, Danielle Scott
Representative, Malena Lopez

Representative, Delo Nock


Student Association Advisers:

Jody Simpson
Director of Student Services

Ricardo Perez
Student Life Coordinator