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Director of Student Services
Regina Bowman-Goldring
240-725-5321, x5321

Student Life Coordinator

Jennifer Van Cory
240-725-5410, x5410

Student Association

College of Southern Maryland
Leonardtown Campus
22950 Hollywood Rd
Leonardtown, MD 20650

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Leonardtown Campus Clubs & Organizations

Leonardtown Campus Student Government

Student Association (SA)
Advisors: Regina Bowman-Goldring, & Jennifer Van Cory,
Membership:Credit or credit-free students may be elected to the SA Executive Board
Purpose: The Student Association(SA) is to provide opportunity for co-curricular education and personal development of students and to provide a diverse program of activities and services at the Leonardtown Campus.

Budget Board
Advisor: Regina Bowman-Goldring, or x5321.
Membership:The President and Treasurer of the SA. Three at-large student representatives appointed by SA President.
Purpose: The Budget Board is to serve as a resource by providing information and allocation Student Association funds in a fiscally responsible manner.

Student Activities Committee (SAC)
Advisor: Jennifer Van Cory, or x5410.
Membership: The Vice President of the SA chairs the SAC. All students are welcomed to join this committee.
Purpose:The SAC is responsible for planning and executing extra/co-curricular activities for students on the Leonardtown campus.

Leonardtown Campus Clubs and Student Organizations

Animation (Anime) Club
Advisor: Ann Reagan,
Membership: Open to all students and community members. Voting membership is outlined in the club's constitution and by-laws.
Purpose: To allow anime otaku of a common interest to gather, discuss, and participate in various activities of interest. These activities include watching anime, discussing anime etc...These activities allow members to gain an in-depth educational look at the Japanese culture, to expand on the student body’s and community’s knowledge of Japanese art and culture, and to provide cultural exchange and educational opportunities.

Iron Hawks: Fitness, Exercise, and Lifting Club
Advisor: Sherrise DeBaugh,
Membership: Open to all students and Fitness Center members at the Leonardtown campus. Members must have a completed Participation Questionnaire (Par-Q) and Liabiliy Consent Waiver on file at the College of Southern Maryland prior to participation in physical activity with the club. Voting membership is outlined in the club's constitution and by-laws.
Purpose: To promote fitness and wellness at College of Southern Maryland, and the community at large. To provide guidance and support for those seeking to reach a higher level of strength and fitness. To provide support and camaraderie for all those who train, or seek to train, in various disciplines of fitness.

Leonardtown Math Team
Advisor: Steven Hundert,
Membership: Open to all students who would like to participate in the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) student math league competition.
Purpose: To participate in the AMATYC's student math league competition.

LGBT Pride Club
Advisor: Alex Smith,
Membership: Open to all students and community members. Voting membership is outlined in club by-laws.
Purpose: To provide a welcoming environment to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) students and their supporters. To promote tolerance and acceptance in the community. To promote diversity in the student body. To provide a place for LGBT students and their supporters to meet like-minded individuals.

Veterans' Club
Advisor: Wayne Karlin,
Membership: Open to all students.
Purpose: (1) Administrative - help veterans at CSM with enrollment, VA benefits, etc. (2) Share Experiences and problems. (3) Activities - reaching out to other veterans. (4) Community outreach - sharing veterans" experiences, garnering support and offering service to the college and Southern Maryland community.

Starting New Clubs or Organizations

To start a new club, you will need a staff or faculty club advisor, club officers, and ten signatures of students in your club. In addition, your club will need a constitution with by-laws. The new club registration form and draft of your club constitution with club by-laws must then be submitted to the Student Life Coordinator, Jennifer Van Cory. (, x5410). If these forms pass basic criteria for forming a new club, they are submitted to the Student Association Executive board at Leonardtown campus for review. The Students Association then votes on the group's club status. Please contact your Student Life Coordinator with any questions or concerns.