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Director of Student Life and Athletics
Michelle Ruble
CC Building, Room 101

Student Life Coordinator
Anya Patterson
CC Building, Room 110

Manager, Operations
Colleen Joffe
CC Building, Room 110

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College of Southern Maryland collegiate robotics team, the Talons, won the Tournament Champion Award and the Excellence Award at Purdue Universityís robotics competition Jan. 26 in West Lafayette, Indiana. (more)


La Plata Campus Student Association

The La Plata Student Association serves by representing student opinion, addressing campus needs through targeted programming and the maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.  Its dedicated staff and elected officers have the obligation to carry out projects promoting student activity.


Christopher AllahiariThe 2014-2015 La Plata Student Association Prseident is Christopher Allahiari.  His major is Information Technology, with a concentration of cybernetic security.  His expected graduation date from CSM and University of Maryland University College is May 2015. 

After college he is planning to obtain a job within his major by working in the government and military, while pursuing his masterís degree.

Chrisís affiliations at the college include: the La Plata Student Activities Committee, National Society of Leadership and Success and Student Ambassadors. Chris believes his contribution as a student leader is "to encourage people to do their best in all they do."

Fun facts about Chris: he was born in Waldorf, MD; heís 20 years old; he loves computers and listening to music; and he graduated from Westlake High School.


Vice President

alesia turnerThe 2014-2015 La Plata Student Association†Vice President†is Alesia Turner. Her major is Business Administration and she will receive an associateís degree in summer 2015. She is expected to transfer by fall 2015 to University Maryland University College to complete her bachelorís degree in Marketing. After graduating she plans to pursue a masterís degree in Advertising Marketing to become an Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager.

In addition to SA, Alesia Turner also participates as a part of the Student Activities Committee and is a Student Assistant in the La Plata Student Life Office.† She strongly believes that helping the community can better shape our youth for a brighter future. Also helping everyone she can, she is always willing to assist others where she is needed. Alesia is honest, disciplined, and dependable.

Fun facts about Alesia; she was born in Atlanta, GA, she was a part of DECA in high school, she is a big fan of Beyonce, she has a dog named Milo, her father spent 30 years in the FBI, and she graduated from North Point High School.


yadira colemanThe 2014-2015 La Plata Student Association Treasurer is Yadira Coleman. Her major is Hospitality Management. After graduating she plans on continuing in hospitality at the University of Central Florida.

In addition to SA, Yadira is the President of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality for the 2014-2015 school year and remains active in the organization.

Fun facts about Yadira Coleman: she was born in Washington DC. She is moderately fluent in French and Spanish. She is currently learning how to code.


Corine Penny The 2014-2015 La Plata Student Association Secretary is Carly Penny. She is expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2015 and transfer to Towson University in the Fall 2015 to complete her bachelorís degree. After graduating she plans to pursue a career in an Government organization, where she can help people in the community and all over the world.

Fun facts about Carly; she was born in Clinton, MD; she graduated from North Point High School and has a twin sister. She is also a huge fan of Jennifer Hudson and Johnny Depp and would love to meet them one day. Carly is also addicted to chocolate and loves quotes that fit with any situation.

ďGetting to know someone for yourself, is better than listening to otherís opinions about that person.Ē




Carly Penny One of the 2014-2015 La Plata Student Association Representative is Corinne Penny. Her major is Business Administration. After graduating she plans on continuing in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at Towson University.

In addition to SA, Corinne will be an inducted member of the National Society of Leadership and Success in the spring 2014-2015 semester and is also a member of the Women and Empowerment club.

Fun facts about Corinne Penny: Her twin sister is also in the Student Association as the secretary. She also enjoys watching Korean dramas in her spare time.




Kenny GrazierOne of the 2014-2015 La Plata Student Association Representative is Kenny Grazier.

His major is General Studies, Environmental management. After graduating from CSM he plans to attend either Towson University or Gallaudet University.