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HVAC helpers earn $29,000 per year to start. An HVAC journeyman/master can earn up to $76,600 per year.


  Financial Assistance is available for this  program 
  WIA Funding Available
  Veterans Benefits applicable


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
(HVAC) Helper     High Demand

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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Helpers learn to perform tasks supporting Master HVAC Mechanics and do preparatory work for the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems and equipment. A HVAC Mechanic installs new heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system units and performs maintenance and service repairs for existing units in both residential and commercial properties according to specifications and established safety guidelines.


HVAC Helper
Complete the first year of apprenticeship training in just 10 weeks taking daytime classes full time or in two semesters taking evening classes part time, and immediately qualify to start in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning field.

Choice 1: Fast-track daytime training
Course Class Hours
TEC 9430 Construction Trades Core Skills - HVAC 85
TEC 9360 HVAC Boot Camp, Part 1  75 
TEC 9370 HVAC Boot Camp, Part 2 75
Choice 2: EVENING training
Course Class Hours
TEC 9300 Construction Trades Core Skills - General 75
TEC 7960 HVAC I, Part 1* 75
TEC 7970 HVAC I, Part 2 75
* Prerequisite of six months on-the-job experience or attendance of TEC 9300. TEC 9300 and TEC 7960 may be taken simultaneously.
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Advance your career by passing the following licensure or certification exams:

small red square certificate HVAC JOURNEYMAN

Complete years two, three, and four of apprenticeship training and four years of work experience to sit for the Maryland state exam to be licensed as a journeyperson.

Course Class Hour
TEC 7980 HVAC II, Part 1 75
TEC 7990 HVAC II, Part 2 75
TEC 8210 HVAC III, Part 1 75
TEC 8220 HVAC III, Part 2 75
TEC 8230 HVAC IV, Part 1   75
TEC 8240 HVAC IV, Part 2 75
small red certificate JOURNEYMAN


Class Hours

TEC 9400 HVAC Journeyman Exam Preparation


small red square certificate  HVAC MASTER
  After meeting seven years of experience, workers can take state exams to be licensed as a Master HVAC Mechanic and earn even more. 

CSM also offers CFC Certification, Stationary Engineer Exam Preparation, and Oilheat Technician Certification training.

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CSM students in the HVAC Helper and Certified Structural Welder CAREER STARTERS Training have the option to earn preferred enrollment and placement as a Sheet Metal or Plumber Apprentice. Upon completion of a 12-month probationary period, candidates will be waived from the entrance examination and directly enrolled into the SMACNA-SMWIA Local Union #100 Joint Apprenticeship Training Program or the Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship Fund. It is the intent of this cooperative effort to provide the student with a program of study leading to a career as a professional in the Sheet Metal or Plumbing Industry. 

For more information contact:

Course Coordinator

Connie Coyle
Program Assistant

For a complete listing of courses that CSM offers, please refer to the Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.

“As energy conservation becomes the focus, old systems will need to be replaced with new systems prompting more installation work.”

Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics