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An entry-level plumber can earn $21,000 to start and can earn up to $45,000 per year. Experienced plumbers can earn up to $90,600.


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Entry-Level Carpenter High Demand

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Carpenters construct, erect, install, or repair structures and fixtures made of wood, such as concrete forms; building frameworks, including partitions, joists, studding, and rafters; wood stairways, window and door frames, and hardwood floors. May also install cabinets, siding, drywall and batt or roll insulation. Includes brattice builders who build doors or brattices (ventilation walls or partitions) in underground passageways to control the proper circulation of air through the passageways and to the working places.



Entry-Level Carpenter
Complete your first year carpentry apprentice program in just 11 weeks taking daytime class full time or in two semesters taking evening classes part-time. Upon completion, qualify for an entry-level carpentry position. As an entry-level carpenter, you will be able to join a framing contractor or general construction firm that specializes in wood frame projects. Your 10-hour OSHA safety card and Red Cross first aid certification will enhance your chances for employment and advancement.

Prerequisite: Six months on-the-job experience or attendance of TEC-9300. TEC-9300 and TEC-5780 may be taken simultaneously.

Course Class Hours
TEC 5780 Entry Level Carpenter I 90
TEC 5790 Entry Level Carpenter II 90
HTH 6460 ARC CPR and Basic First Aid Training 8
TEC-5400 OSHA 10-hour Construction 10
TEC-9300 Construction Core Skills - General  75
This program is delivered during day-time, fast track approach and in the evenings
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There is no license required or available in the state of Maryland. Courses are under development to begin Spring 2011, in such topics as roofing, commercial light gauge metal, framing, flooring, wall and ceiling finishes, and more.

CSM students in the Entry-Level Carpenter CAREER STARTERS Training have the option to earn preferred enrollment and placement as a Carpenter Apprentice. Upon completion of a 12-month probationary period, candidates will be waived from the entrance examination and directly enrolled into the training program with Mid-Atlantic Carpenter’s Training Centers (MACTC). It is the intent of this cooperative effort to provide the student with a program of study leading to a career as a professional in the Carpentry Industry.


For more information contact:

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Connie Coyle
Program Assistant

For a complete listing of courses that CSM offers, please refer to the Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.

The annual median salary of an entry-level carpenter is $39,530. Job growth is faster then average with a 20% growth rate from 2010 to 2020.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics