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Requirements for Graduation


Each program description in the Academic Catalog lists the requirements for graduation in that curriculum. At the time of application for graduation, students will declare the catalog under which they intend to graduate. They will follow the requirements of a catalog of one academic year during which they were registered and attended classes at the college.

Should a student's enrollment at the College of Southern Maryland be interrupted by a break of five years, the catalog in effect when the student re-enters the college will be considered the year-of-entry catalog.

Unless required courses have been officially waived, all students must meet the course requirements of their program to graduate. They must also meet the requirements for a degree or certificate, stated below, and must make an appointment with an advisor by the published deadline to complete the application for graduation. 

Associate Degrees

To qualify for graduation with an associate's degree, all students must pass all courses required in their curriculum and must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 for all work at the college.


To qualify for graduation with a certificate, students must pass all required courses and must have a 2.00 average for all courses required by the certificate program.

Letters of Recognition

Letters of Recognition are credit or credit-free course sequences designed with goals and objectives for a specific population. At the completion of the sequence, the student is awarded an official Letter of Recognition by the college.

A Letter of Recognition credit course sequence consists of 6 to 11 credits. Currently available Letters of Recognition are included in the Catalog. Students must follow the requirements of a catalog of one academic year during which they were registered and attended classes at the college. To be eligible for the Letters of Recognition, students must earn a C or better in each credit course in the sequence. The maximum number of credits accepted in transfer from other institutions is determined by the academic department and specified in the description. At least 25% of the credits must be earned at this college.

Students must apply to the Registrar's Office for a Letters of Recognition by the published deadline for the semester in which they will complete the sequence. 

Destination Graduation

Destination: Graduation is a one-day event offered each semester to graduating students. It is a one-stop source for graduation needs. For more information click here.

At Destination: Graduation students can:

  • Apply for graduation
  • Pay graduation fees
  • Get details on cap and gown orders
  • Join the alumni association
  • Have a graduation portrait taken
  • Win door prizes
  • Get tips on resumé writing and career selection
  • And more...