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College of Southern Maryland
8730 Mitchell Road
PO Box 910
La Plata, MD 20646-0910

College of Southern Maryland Board of Trustees

The governing body of the college is appointed by the Governor from citizenry of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's Counties. The Board consists of nine members, each given a five-year term of office.


CSM Board Member Ms. Dorothea Holt Smith

Ms. Dorothea Holt Smith

CSM Board Member Mr. Theodore L. Harwood

Mr. Theodore L. Harwood
Vice Chair

CSM Board Member Dr. Brad Gottfried

Dr. Brad Gottfried

CSM Board Member Ms. Lois DiNatale

Ms. Lois DiNatale

Mr. Samuel C. Jones

CSM Board Member Ms. Mary Maddox Krug

Ms. Mary Maddox Krug

CSM Board Member Mr. Mike Middleton

Mr. Michael L. Middleton

Dr. John W. Roache

CSM Board Member Ms. Julie Sickle

Ms. Julie Sickle

CSM Board Member Dr. Janice T. Walthour

Dr. Janice T. Walthour


Louis P. Jenkins (1999)
John T. Parran, Jr. (1999)
Henry L. Burke (1999)
Veronica E. Coates (1999)
Wm. Daniel Mayer (1999)
Michael A. Besche (2000)
Dianne McWilliams (2000)
Verna M. Posey (2002)
Delores C. Datcher (2004)
Joseph F. Shannon, Jr. (2010)