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2010-2015 Strategic Plan

CSM is positioned to enhance learning and achieve performance excellence by implementing its new Strategic Plan, which identifies five broad college initiatives, as well as strategies for success and measures for performance.

Though the initiatives are varied, they all embrace the mission of CSM — to prepare its students and community to meet the challenges of individual, social, and global changes — and they support the vision of changing lives through active learning!


College of Southern Maryland
2010 - 2015 Strategic Plan
Download a copy here.


To view a copy of the college's accomplishments from the 2007 – 2010 Strategic Plan, click here. 


Goal 1: CSM effectively addresses the life-long educational, workforce development, cultural, and community needs of a changing Southern Maryland.


  • Increase the percentage of high school students and recent high school graduates from the tri-county area enrolled at CSM or another post-secondary institution.
  • Develop recruitment strategies to increase the diversity of the student body.
  • Increase the number of adult learners – those 25 years of age and older – who choose CSM to facilitate career changing, associate degree completion, and skill enhancement.
  • Increase the opportunities for students to complete bachelor’s degree programs in Southern Maryland.
  • Increase the number of students obtaining or maintaining licensure and certification through CSM courses.
  • Increase the number, frequency, variety, and attendance at cultural and community programs offered on each campus.

Goal 2: CSM promotes student success by providing outstanding education and related support services that help students achieve their goals.


  • Increase persistence and the graduation and/or transfer rates for all credit students.

  • Increase the percentage of African-American students who graduate and/or transfer.

  • Decrease the percentage of students who place into developmental education courses.

  • Increase the percentage of students who successfully complete their developmental coursework within four years.

  • Promote cultural diversity through academic instruction.

  • Increase the number of credit courses and credit sections offered in nontraditional and flexible formats.

  • Increase graduate (credit students) satisfaction with their job preparation.

  • Increase workforce development (continuing education) student satisfaction with job preparation.

  • Increase the academic performance of CSM students at transfer institutions

Goal 3: CSM is an employer of choice of a diverse workforce.


  • Integrate diversity and inclusion initiatives into all unit plans.

  • Increase the percentage of minority employees so that the college’s workforce better reflects the demographics of the region.

  • Increase retention rate of full-time faculty and staff.

  • Increase the retention rate of adjunct faculty.

  • Improve the hiring process to increase consistency, reduce time to hire, and increase the hiring of employees from underrepresented groups.

  • Enhance necessary skills and facilitate employee professional growth by expanding and developing new high quality training programs for employees.

Goal 4: CSM employs effective management tools to ensure that the college provides outstanding services in an efficient and proactive manner at all campuses.


  • Increase employees’ satisfaction with their contributions to the mission and the values of the college.

  • Improve management practices and work processes through the Quality Improvement Process (QIP).

  • Increase the level of student satisfaction with college services.

  • Increase the rate at which CSM’s students and employees believe the institution functions as "one college" across our three campuses and various service centers.

  • Implement policies, procedures and processes that reduce CSM’s "carbon-footprint."

  • Research and adopt appropriate best practices in internal controls in the financial area.

  • Research and adopt appropriate best practices in security controls for the information technology area.

Goal 5: CSM has the resources to to accomplish the college mission and goals.


  • Maximize existing funding streams in order to minimize future tuition increases.

  • Implement efficiencies that result in a more effective use of resources.

  • Acquire additional resources (e.g. land, equipment, technology, etc.) through grants, fundraising and new partnerships.